Do This: Lindy Hop

Lindy is a type of swing dance that originated in the 20s and 30s based on jazz, tap and Charleston.  I think it’s the best partner dancing style you can get.  It’s amazing because whilst there are “rules”, you can break them and just do whatever wicked cool moves you like.  It can be slow and sophisticated or fast and frenzied.  You can do big kicks and jumps or smooth subtle slides.  I just love how you can make it whatever you want.  It also means you can dance lindy to loads of different styles of music (whereas salsa only really fits with salsa music, etc).

I’ve always found lindy classes much friendlier, relaxed and open than other styles of partner dance.  That may be because lindy seems to attract more ‘alternative’ types than salsa or ballroom and I just fit in better there, but I think it’s generally true.  I’ve never been to a clique-y lindy class, but have definitely felt subtle group wars at a clique-y salsa or ballroom one.

Most beginners’ classes start from the basic steps and regularly swap partners.  Nearly everyone attends without a partner.  No need to worry about being behind or on your own!  I know a good class in Leeds at Really friendly and open to newbies.  A quick google search brings up loads of classes so just take a peek at what’s on in your area.  Go to the classes and don’t be afraid to stay for the social dancing bit at the end.  Not only is it the best part, but you’ll improve much quicker.

Obviously the dancers in the video below are very advanced, so it would take a fair while to get this good.  In a normal class, you wouldn’t learn the aerials (the tricks where they chuck each other in the air).  But.  Look at how awesome this dance is.  Look how cool!

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