Internet Places to Read

Ages ago I wrote about discovering short stories and flash fiction.  Since then I’ve found some great places to read great writing, mostly for free!

Free stuff:

The Pygmy Giant: Mainly flash fiction, but also some poetry and non-fiction (basically anything under 800 words) from UK writers.  There’s some great stuff on this site, and most pieces can be read in less than 3 minutes.  Speedy fiction!

Fleeting Magazine: Lots of beautiful poetry and short fiction.  They also offer a writers’ clinic for tweaking your own poetry and prose (which you do have to pay for, but seems to have a lot of good feedback from writers)

Inkspill Magazine: Fiction, poetry, non-fiction articles and artwork presented in a more traditional magazine format (I think released bi-annually, but I’m not totally sure).  Looks great, reads great.  Sophie Playle (the editor) also offers a critiquing service at reasonable rates.

3:AM Magazine: Fiction, poetry and non-fiction features.  I’ve only just discovered this one, so still having a hunt around, there’s a lot to get through!

A bit free but mostly not:

Granta magazine: Fiction, poetry, non-fiction (mainly memoir) and photojournalism.  I love this magazine.  Each issue has a broad theme and contains a really diverse mix of subjects and places.  You do have to subscribe for most of this one (currently £29.95 for four issues, delivered quarterly), but subscription also gives you access to the whole archive online, as well as some online-only pieces.  There are a few bits you can access online without a subscription which are worth checking out, and you can also purchase single issues.

Mslexia:  Poetry and fiction from female writers.  Mslexia also run events and writing workshops, as well as novel-writing competitions (their latest winner, Rosie Garland, secured a six figure book detail soon after, which indicates the level of quality found here).  There are some bits and pieces you can read online, but you have to subscribe to read most of it.  It’s currently £20.75 for 4 issues (delivered quarterly), though you can also buy single issues or back copies.

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