More Short Stories for Breakfast

Nano fiction

I thought I’d do another Short Stories for Breakfast, but this time for stories in online mags so you could read them too. I’ve been alternating novel-reading and short stories in the morning recently, and I feel full of good stuff (though I wouldn’t recommend the McCarthy while you’re eating porridge).

In Hanneke’s Room by Kate Brown in the Swansea Review – An English woman, living in Amsterdam and starting to feel closed off from her young children (who speak Dutch), begins to take an old woman out for trips. Quiet and multi-layered.

A Drowning Incident by Cormac McCarthy. Holy crap McCarthy, that was kind of horrible. A young boy discovers the puppies weren’t sent to a new home, but were instead drowned in the river. (You can find the story in the 1960s section of the PDF, linked near the end of the website)

To Do by Jennifer Egan. A murdery story written as a list. It’s awesome.

Mars by A. Werner in NANO Fiction. NANO only publish stories of less than 300 words. I really like this one – about fear of the new and it leaving you behind.

In The Time It Takes Me to Forget You My Hair Will Grow Back to the Way You Like It by Maddy Raskulinecz in Word Riot. I really like the voice in this one – meandering but totally on the point at the same time.

Happy reading!

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2 Responses to More Short Stories for Breakfast

  1. Hey 🙂 I read Mars, To Do and In Hanneke’s Room. Thanks for sharing them. I enjoyed them. Especially in Hanneke’s Room. It felt like a nice old lady tale until the ending! Nice way to end it though with something thought provoking (if a little unsettling!). x

    • D says:

      Glad you enjoyed them! There are so many good lit mags and stories online, it’s hard to know where to start. I just picked a few at random to read this week – but there are some great mags I read regularly, so let me know if you ever want some good short stories to read online. x

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