Reading habits

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Inspired by (definitely not stolen from) Scott Pack (Meandmybigmouth) – I decided to share my reading habits:

1. I always have one novel, one non-fiction book, and a couple of short story collections on the go at one time.

2. I always have to have a novel in progress (small gaps between story collections/non-fiction are ok). If I’ve got a ‘book hangover’ from how amazing/traumatising the last novel was and can’t start another one for a bit, I have to decide which one I’m going to read next so I still feel like I have one.

3. I can’t read more than one novel at once. If I am reading two, it’s because I don’t want to finish one of them and it’s a way of slowly edging it back to the shelf without acknowledging I’ve given up on it.

4. In fiction books, I always read the thanks/acknowledgements first, but skip over introductions/forewords.

5. I can’t read a non-fiction book without reading the foreword first.

6. I always dog-ear my books, but use random bits of paper / train tickets for bookmarks in library books or those borrowed from other people. Dog-earing books that aren’t yours is a sin (but spine breaking is fine).

7. If the spine isn’t broken, it looks like it hasn’t been read, so I break the spines of already-read ones that don’t look broken enough so they look more loved.

8. I don’t like hardbacks – they’re too unwieldy and heavy and you can’t read them in the bath. I wish publishers would release the paperback at the same time as the hardback when the ‘new book excitement’ in blogs/reviews is still around.

9. My bookcase is vaguely organised into non-fiction, poetry, short stories and novels but with no system within that other than books by the same author sit together. I like looking for a particular book in the disorder and then finding something else that I didn’t know I wanted.

10. I don’t have an e-reader and don’t want one because

                a. I like the aesthetic and feel of real books (incidentally, I’m a bit in love with the production department of Scott’s Friday Project – their books have awesome texture)

                b. It annoys me that you can’t flick ahead on an e-reader and see what thickness of pages is left until the end of a chapter

                c. Reading on a screen for long periods of time makes my eyes squiffy

Have you got any of your own?

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