Instruction Manual for Swallowing by Adam Marek

adammarekinstructionmanualcoverFrom the blurb:

“Robotic insects, in-growing cutlery, flesh-serving waiters in a zombie café…Welcome to the surreal, misshapen universe of Adam Marek’s first collection…”

I really enjoyed this collection. One of the cover quotes said it’s a bit like early McEwan, but I found it more Roald Dahl (as in his short stories for adults). McEwan is kind of dark-dark, but Marek seems to be more weird-dark, which is basically my perfect genre. The writing is also nice and stripped-back – you don’t get the fist-punching-the-air beautiful phrase bits, but the style fits the stories completely.

The title story (for those friends I mentioned this collection to and who immediately went to rude places) is about a guy who gets in touch with his inner homunculus (who ends up looking like Busta Rhymes but in a sou’wester and wellies, and thinks the guy’s a bit of twat for finding him). It’s one of my favourites.

Definitely worth a read.

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