Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

Love that DogThis is a gorgeous little book. It takes about five minutes to read, but I recommend slowing down, letting it linger, slurping a cup of tea. It’s pretending to be for children but it’s actually for grown-ups too.

Love That Dog is told in diary/poem form by Jack in Miss Stretchberry’s class, as they study poetry and are encouraged to write their own. At first, Jack isn’t so sure about this whole poetry malarkey:

I don’t want to

because boys

don’t write poetry.


Girls do.

But Jack continues to write – about not understanding everything but enjoying the sounds, about poems he likes and those he doesn’t, and about what makes a poem a poem (short lines, he decides). He has a go at modelling poems on some he has liked, and, importantly, writes about his dog Sky.

This book is basically everything I was trying to say in On Poetry, but in that oddly accidently eloquent voice of a child. I loved it. I loved Jack. I’m going to go read it again.

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One Response to Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

  1. Love Love That Dog! Kids love it. Dogs love it. I love dogs. I love kids. I love when kids who didn’t love reading read about not loving reading, and love reading it. Poetry, dogs and kids, love, love, love. Love the poems at the end, and the guiding teacher.

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