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Book Choice Biases

I never think about the gender, race or age of the author when I’m choosing a book to read – I’m usually only thinking about the story and style. But I wonder if in not thinking about it, my reading … Continue reading

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Aimee Bender

I love Aimee Bender’s short stories. They are excellently weird. I’ve written an author profile on Aimee which you can now read over on Thresholds. (If you’ve not checked it out before, Thresholds is an excellent short story forum with … Continue reading

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Bookish and literary presents

It’s nearly that time of year again… Here are some places to find bookish and literary gifts (if you know of any particularly good places then let me know and I’ll add it on): Books A book subscription is an … Continue reading

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S. by Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams

This is a kind of play within a book within a book. ‘Ship of Theseus’ (SoT) is an old library book about a man who can’t remember his past and is forced aboard a ship with a crew who have … Continue reading

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