Bookish and literary presents

It’s nearly that time of year again…

Here are some places to find bookish and literary gifts (if you know of any particularly good places then let me know and I’ll add it on):


booksA book subscription is an awesome present as the person will receive new books for up to a year (depending how long you get the subscription for), and can help if you don’t know what books to get them. You can buy book subscriptions from some publishers and independent bookshops. Some offer a kind of consultation service first so that they can pick a bespoke book selection for the recipient, some tell you what you get in advance, and one lets you pick the books the person will receive – take a look at this post on different places you can find them.

You can also buy subscriptions to literary magazines, most publish short stories, non-fiction or poetry (or all three). There are far too many to list here unfortunately, so if you’re not sure which they’d like just ask. Or, if it’s a surprise, you could go with the ‘big names’ like Granta or McSweeney’s, or just have a google to find one that suits their tastes. There are lots!

jane eyreIf the person has a favourite classic, or you would like to share your favourite with them, Penguin do some gorgeous clothbound classics. If you’re feeling generous you can even buy them as a set! They also do some beautifully designed Deluxe Classics, Penguin Essentials and Penguin’s Great Food Series, all of which you can find here.

Penguin deluxe classicsBookish things

agatha-christie-earrings-14831-p[ekm]250x250[ekm]The Literary Gift Company has some beautiful and fun bits and pieces. Their selection ranges from mugs and notebooks, to posters and t-shirts, to books made into things like bags. All sorts of stuff really. There are some really lovely things which should suit a range of budgets.

literally-grammar-grumble-no.-5-14115-p[ekm]250x250[ekm]Again, Penguin does some nice bits like mugs and postcards with their iconic logo and stripe.


There’s, obviously, a lot of stuff on Etsy, including a lot of literary goodies. You just have to make sure you take a note of where the item is shipping from, as anything from outside the UK needs to be ordered in plenty of time (and it can be worth checking with a seller to make sure). Here are a couple of good ones:

Alice in wonderland necklaceTina Tarnoff makes lovely jewellery and cards. In particular she has some lovely Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan necklaces (I have this Alice one and it came so beautifully wrapped that it felt extra special). She is in the USA, so you’d need to order soonish.

Jon Turner has literary jewellery, including this lovely Penguin Books necklace. I ordered one for a friend’s birthday and it arrived pretty promptly.

Penguin necklace

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