Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Hyperbole and a halfI love this book (based on her website of the same name). Half of what’s included is new, and the other half is taken directly from the blog and covers her mentally challenged dogs (Simple Dog and Helper Dog), funny stories from her childhood, and what it’s like living with depression (one of the most eloquently accurate and bleakly funny descriptions of depression I’ve ever read).

Hyperbole and a half dogs

Incidentally, my favourite of her childhood stories isn’t in here, but you can check them out here (How a Fish Almost Destroyed my Childhood) and here (Menace) on her blog. Life lesson: the reason your child is behaving so badly may be because they think they are all-powerful when wearing a dinosaur costume. Also: children can be terrifying.

hyperbole and a half childShe illustrates her stories using Paint – what would be properly called ‘naïve drawings’, but I would call ‘crappily awesome’.

It’s one of the few books that actually did make me laugh out loud like a weirdo on the bus.

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