January Reads 2014

As I talked about in this post, I’m going to start doing monthly wrap-ups of what I’m reading as a way of finding out where I might have accidental book-choice biases (and just to see if keeping track of my reading does anything to my reading. It might not). I’m probably going to review after about six months and try to fill the remainder of the year with some of my ‘gaps’. So, onto January…

1. The Gigantic Beard that was Evil by Stephen Collins Graphic novel (fiction)

The gigantic beard that was evil 3I loved this graphic novel, a fairy-tale about the chaos beneath. Just gorgeous. Full review here

2. The Night Rainbow by Claire King Novel

The night rainbow claire kingI don’t like it when a child-narrator doesn’t sound like the age they’re supposed to be, and Pea’s voice definitely sounded older than 5 to me (although her actions in the book could be of a five year old). Otherwise a good, engaging read about a seemingly idyllic childhood running around the French countryside masking the heavy grief of a struggling parent.

3. World War Z by Max Brooks Novel

World war z max brooksI enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. It just seemed like exactly what would happen should there be a zombie outbreak, especially at the beginning with the news giving opinion, not useful advice, someone making millions from a fake drug, and a less-than-helpful government. Some of the cultural stereotypes weren’t great, I glazed over a bit when the army guys were talking about specific weaponry, and, unsurprisingly, it’s the American president who gives the rousing ‘Let’s do this!’ speech, but I really enjoyed it. Worth a read. (I am avoiding the film…)

4. A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki Novel

Ruth Ozeki-A Tale For The Time BeingAnother book I loved this month. Took me a little while to get into but once I did I was hooked. Full of stuff. Full review here

5. The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton Novel

the rehearsal eleanor cattonI wrote a full review here. Still not sure about it, but I definitely like it more the longer it has been left to simmer in the back of my head. Maybe one to read again after it’s sat for a while.

I’ve also been dipping into these (which will be added to the list proper in whatever month the last story/essay is read):

The Stone Thrower by Adam Marek Short stories

Artful by Ali Smith Sort of fictional non-fiction (if that’s a thing?)

The Pre-War House and other stories by Alison Moore Short stories

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