Booktube – an introduction & some recommendations

More / updated recommendations can be found here and here.

‘Booktube’ basically refers to people on youtube who make videos about books. I’ve been getting more and more into watching booktube videos, often while I’m eating breakfast. I’ve found it a great way of discovering new books and of encouraging me to read things I might not otherwise have picked up. A bit like a virtual book club.

Wrap-up videos are a great way to get book recommendations and to see if that booktuber is for you. Usually the video will include capsule reviews of each book they’ve read that month (a bit like I do but on video) so it’s a good way of getting an overview. You’ll also find specific review videos, book haul videos (showing you books acquired recently) and tag videos (answering a set of questions other booktubers have started). I prefer wrap-ups and review videos to hauls and tags, but that’s just personal preference.

The majority of booktubers seem to be teenagers/early twenty-somethings talking about YA lit, but there are channels dedicated to all kinds of books – it’s just about finding the ones that suit your tastes.

There are loads I could recommend but, in no particular order, here are five of my favourites to get you started, with a sample video of theirs:

The Book Junkie (Ron Lit)

I love this woman. She reads a variety of stuff (ancient classics to modern graphic novels) and makes funny, informative videos. Did I say I love her yet? I love her.


This guy mainly reads classics (though occasionally other things). He’s a teenager, but has probably read more books than I have and I’ve got at least a decade on him. He’s sometimes a bit judge-y in a teenager way, especially when it comes to films, but he’s great. Funny and passionate. Hopefully now he’s finished his school exams he’ll be back filming again soon.

Books and Quills

Sanna is Dutch, works in publishing in London, and colour co-ordinates her bookshelves. She makes some really interesting videos about translation, as well as book reviews and bookish things.


I think I have fairly similar tastes to Nicola, so really like seeing what she’s been enjoying reading. She hasn’t been making a lot of videos recently as she has been finishing up her book (about the Hunger Games fandom), but will hopefully be back soon. She also does a good weekly links post on her blog which I definitely recommend.

Climb The Stacks

Ashley reviews everything she reads, which is mainly modern classics (she reads very little contemporary stuff). I find her reviewing style really easy to watch/listen to, and her reviews are always thoughtful. I watch pretty much every video she makes.

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