Sex Criminals. Volume 1: One Weird Trick. by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

sex-criminals volume 1This is a volume of the first five issues of Sex Criminals. It’s awesome.

When she’s younger, Suzie discovers she can stop time when she orgasms. (Yup). She thinks she’s the only one, but, at a house party, she hooks up with Jon, who turns out to have the same weird skill. So, obviously, they decide to rob banks after having sex in order to save Suzie’s library (and because Jon hates his job at a bank). It’s not long before they incur the wrath of the sex police…

It’s really funny, but not one note – there are lots of more serious ‘coming-of-age’ and ‘trying-to-be-a-grown-up’ issues too. Suzie and Jon both feel like fully-formed, rounded people, particularly towards the end as doubt and discord creep in. I think it’s impossible not to love Suzie.

I love the art in this, particularly the glowing dream-like quality after they’ve had sex and they’re in what Suzie calls ‘The Quiet’ and Jon calls ‘Cumworld’ (Urgh. Boys.). Just look at the beautiful:

Sex-Criminals-1I like the story-telling processes too, like older Suzie telling the story in younger Suzie’s frames, the flashing backwards and forwards in the lead-up to the final bank robbery, and (maybe especially) when the authors talk directly using post-its covering the speech bubbles when they couldn’t get permission to use the lyrics of Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen. I can see that some people might find those things grating, but I thought it really worked.

Weird. Hilarious. Filthy.

Really looking forward to the next volume coming out.

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