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Bitch Planet #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro

Bitch Planet is a prison planet where women are sent for being non-compliant, basically anything that doesn’t fit with what a woman ‘should’ be (I have no doubt that I would be sent there were it a real thing). At … Continue reading

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The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

Translated from the Finnish by Lola M. Rogers In the small Finnish town of Rabbit Back, famous but reclusive children’s author Laura White runs the Literature Society. Laura handpicked nine gifted children and trained them, and they have all grown … Continue reading

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November Reads 2014

I seem to have read more than I thought I did in November. A mixed bag, but some really good books, and one new favourite. The Absent Woman by Marlene Lee (Novel) This was ok: not bad, not great. Not … Continue reading

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