Who I’m watching: Booktube recommendations #2

I wrote a post a little while ago talking about how I’ve gotten more into watching booktube (people on youtube who talk about books), so I thought I’d give you some more recommendations, particularly as I often see people say they can’t find booktubers who predominantly talk about genres other than YA.

This list is who I’m watching the most at the moment. A couple of these were on my previous list, but there are plenty of new ones for you to get stuck into. I’ve added each person’s latest video, to give you an idea of their style.

You can find more recommendations in Booktube Recommendations #3

Climb The Stacks

Ashley is my favourite booktuber. She reads mainly literary fiction and reviews everything she reads. She really thinks about what she’s has taken from the book, and as a result her reviews are always insightful and thoughtful. Towards the end of last year she also started doing some really good general discussion videos about things like critically engaging with literature, whether good characters need to be ‘relatable’, and where to start with specific authors.

Rincey Reads

Rincey reads a range of books from middle-grade fiction to contemporary literary fiction and comics. She posts reviews and great book-related discussion videos on topics like what it means to be well read and reading diversely. She always has something interesting to say and I always end up adding at least one book/comic to my tbr.

Ron Lit

Ron Lit is really funny and smart and full of sass. She loves Jane Austen, and reads a lot of classics and criticism. Even if I’m not into the book she’s talking about I always enjoy the video and learn something – infotainment!


FrenchieDee is currently leading the way for black history month on booktube (with the hashtag #ReadSoulLit). If you’re looking to diversify your reading, FrenchieDee is the one to watch.


Mercy reads a range of books from middle-grade to literary fiction, short stories & comics. She’s also a big fan of fairy tales and all things Japanese. She reads a helluva lot in a month, so there’ll definitely be something on her channel you’ll like.

Jen Campbell

Jen is still pretty new to making videos, but it doesn’t show. She’s the author of The Bookshop Book, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, and The Hungry Ghost Festival, and a bookseller. She is another fairy tale fan, and, as a bookseller, knows a lot of great books. She also talks about poetry, which doesn’t come up very often on booktube.

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