Keeping track of reading

I usually read quite a bit in a year, and was finding I was forgetting what I’d read some of the time (I have a terrible memory that does not adhere to traditional space-time). Last year, I joined Goodreads to track what I was reading. Beforehand, I’d had my own nerd spreadsheet but it turns out I’m really lazy at filling it in because I mainly use my phone now instead of the laptop. Using the Goodreads app on my phone meant I was much better at keeping it up.

Photo 24-03-2015 16 03 26But, recently (mainly Moby Dick‘s fault), I realised just having a list of what I’d read wasn’t enough. I wanted to capture something of the book outside of lists and reviews, and keep those little snippets of language that make me punch-in-the-air-yes. I know you can make comments / save quotes on Goodreads, but I wanted a little space to let them breathe. So, I’ve started a tumblr blog just for little quotes from what I’m currently reading over here.

For me, it’ll be interesting to look back on, but also to see what comes out. I suspect there are some books that I enjoy reading but aren’t memorable in terms of language, and others that have some brilliant flashes but don’t do it for me overall.

I’d be really interested to hear if any of you track your reading, and whether you have ways of doing it that are more than just lists of what and who. Let me know in the comments below. (Also, I’m new to Tumblr so come and say hello! I’m on the look-out for interesting bookish tumblrs to follow).

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3 Responses to Keeping track of reading

  1. Like you, I use to track what I’ve read. I set myself an annual challenge of ‘n’ books, but I actually ignore it and just read at my own pace anyway. I do however alternate between fiction and non-fiction to educate as well as entertain myself.

    I like your concept of letting the reading breathe though – I do it by putting snippets in my blog. I’m interested as to why you felt the need to start a separate space in Tumblr rather than add them right here. I’m not judging either way – just interested what made you go that route…

    • D says:

      I wondered about putting it on this blog but I didn’t want to spam email subscribers if I’m reading something that I’m liking a lot of! Do you find it works well on your normal blog? I’m the same as you re the goodreads reading challenge. I normally pick a number I think I’d read anyway & mostly ignore it. I’ve not read as much non-fiction as usual recently, so thanks the reminder to pick some more up!

      • Well – I only have a 100 or so followers, so I’m not über sensitive to that. I post whatever moves me, no matter its source. 🙂
        As well as books though, I often make references to songs or art or pretty much anything else that intersects my life and I think others might enjoy. Especially if it’s about Yorkshire or BC! 😀

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