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No More Worlds to Conquer by Chris Wright

This book is about sixteen people who had huge, life-defining achievements / events relatively early in their lives, and what they did next. It includes astronauts, adventurers, a pilot, a singer, a gymnast, and survivors. When the first line of … Continue reading

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How to read with a chronic illness

I read a lot. I also have a chronic illness which sometimes makes it difficult for me to read at all (extreme fatigue, migraines, pain which makes holding up a book difficult, etc). It’s different from the kind of sleepy … Continue reading

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Fan by Danny Rhodes

When I was little, and lived in Devon, Chelsea came down to play a local team. Big teams never came round our way, so my dad and his mate took me and my younger brother to watch. It would have … Continue reading

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My literary tattoos

I know they’re not for everyone, but I love tattoos. As an indecisive person who can easily spend 10 minutes dithering over what toothpaste to buy, I weirdly love the permanency of them. And, obviously, I like the way they … Continue reading

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