Booktube recommendations #3

Recommends #3 is finally here – another five booktube channels that predominantly discuss genres other than YA. I love all of these channels, so definitely check them out. As always, I’ve added their most recent video so you can get an idea of their style.

Star Crossed Smile Reads (SCS Reads)

Nnenna reads mostly adult fiction and posts reviews, tag videos, and the occasional vlog. She’s just so thoughtful and relaxed and I really enjoy watching her videos.

Rincey Reads

Rincey reads a range of books from middle-grade fiction to contemporary literary fiction and comics. She posts reviews and great book-related discussion videos on topics like what it means to be well read and reading diversely. I always end up adding at least one book/comic to my tbr. She also makes videos for the Book Riot channel, which is also worth a watch.

The Skeptical Reader

Yamini reads adult and classic fiction, some fantasy, and non-fiction. She’s a literature student, so you’d expect her to read a lot, but she reads really a lot every month. I have no idea how she does it. What I like about her videos is that she’s very honest about what she thinks, and is also quite analytical when she’s thinking about books, their characters, and plot.

Brown Girl Reading

Didi mainly reads literary fiction but also bits and pieces of everything else. She lives in France, so also reads in French! She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate and always has interesting things to say about what’s she’s read. She often takes part in read alongs and is usually leading the way for (American) Black History Month with the hashtag #ReadSoulLit.

The Young, The Broke, & The Bookish

Adira hasn’t posted a video in about a month, but it’s still worth subscribing to her channel for when she’s back. She mainly reads adult fiction, YA, and non-fiction, and also runs the Writers of Colour book club on Goodreads. She manages to be thorough and informative and yet somehow concise at the same time. Hopefully she’ll be back making videos soon.

October is Writers of Colour Month on this blog.

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