April screentime 2017

I mostly watched trash or okay things this month, but there were a couple of awesome films. In the order I watched them:

insurgentInsurgent (2015) film, Netflix

I was feeling ill and needed some trash and this was that trash. Some of the effects are good, but it’s just generic YA dystopian. It did what I expected.

1Sheet_Master.qxdThe Good Wife (seasons 6-7) series, Netflix

The Good Wife definitely peaks with season 5. These final two series were still easy shiny watching, but it loses itself a bit. The overall storyline in terms of the direction of Alicia’s character development makes sense, but the writers don’t pull it off and the ending doesn’t work or have the kind of impact they intended. Even though I know they knew where it was going, it feels like they were lost.

diary of a teenage girlThe Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) film, Netflix

This is brilliant. It’s a sexual coming-of-age that’s funny, emotional, bold, and non-judgemental, even though there are some complex moral questions. Bel Powley is great in the lead role, and Kirsten Wiig is surprisingly good in a non-comic role. Definitely worth a watch (it has 93% on Rotten Tomatoes so you know it’s good), and the best thing I saw this month.

The_fear_of_13The Fear of 13 (2015) documentary, Netflix

This is basically just Nick Yarris, a former deathrow inmate who was proved to be innocent, telling his story. There are no frills, no reenactments, just Nick and occasional cut-aways to prison-type scenes. It works because Nick is a very engaging story-teller, so the stripped-back style fits. But it maybe could have been truly great doc with a bit more general context about deathrow, innocence, and fighting for justice.

the most hated woman in americaThe Most Hated Woman in America (2017) film, Netflix

I was expecting this to be a documentary but it’s actually a biopic of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the American atheist activist who was eventually kidnapped and killed (though surprisingly not for her activism, but related to her embezzlement of her charity’s funds). It’s an average film – not bad but not great either, which is a shame because the story has so much potential.

the neon demonThe Neon Demon (2016) film, Netflix

I have no idea if I liked this or not. It’s beautifully shot and the cinematography and colour is incredible. But at times it feels like it’s try too hard to be “edgy” and doesn’t always make sense within its own universe. I have no idea. Maybe that’s the point?

mad menMad Men (seasons 1-4) series, Netflix

If I hadn’t heard everyone say how good this is, I probably wouldn’t have stuck past series one. Misogynistic men doing misogynistic men things is a story told so many times it’s just boring. But, it does get better as each series goes on, and where there is more focus on the female characters (when they’re not just Interchangeable Secretary Number 3). I don’t give a shit about Don Draper. Give me more Peggy and Joan.

I_Don't_Feel_at_Home_in_This_World_AnymoreI Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore  (2017) film, Netflix

I had this on in the background while I was sorting out my desk drawer of doom, so I was half-watching it which may have affected what I thought but I enjoyed it. Sometimes the pacing was a bit off, and I didn’t always care about what happened, but it was enjoyable enough with some good performances.

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