July screentime 2017

I watched a whole lot of trash in July. Only some of it the good kind…

the circle film.jpgThe Circle (2017) film, Netflix

This was made worse by the fact it had so much potential to be good. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if it’s due to the source material or the way that the film writers/director interpreted it, but it was just lacking. The relationship between Mae and Ty is oddly tacked on so its part in the ending makes no sense, John Boyega is totally wasted (as is his character), and the ending is messy. Mainly, it just doesn’t explore its themes in any real depth, which is kinda the point of a film like this. I mean, Tom Hanks is good, and the scene with Mercer being chased is good, but it’s not enough to save a very meh film.

glow netflixGlow (season 1) series, Netflix

Maybe I was in a bad mood at the beginning of the month but I found this kind of ‘meh’ too. I liked the campy silliness but it was more of a show I had on in the background rather than one that totally had my interest.

the-lodger1The Lodger (1927) film, cinema

I saw this with live piano accompaniment and it was awesome. Ivor Novello is like this hot creepy Bowie-esque stranger on the doorstep, and London is all smog and danger. It’s fairly predictable, but it doesn’t matter.

jobs filmJobs (2013) film, Netflix

Eh. This is another one that lacks any depth. Ashton Kutcher was surprisingly alright, but what the film needed was a deep dive into Jobs’ character but it just skates over the surface and leaps over potentially interesting sections of time.

troll 2Troll 2 (1990) film

I love a so-shit-it’s-amazing film, and this is basically the ultimate good-bad movie. Everything about this is terrible, from the acting, to the script, to the cinematography, to the effects, but in a good way? (Aside from the usual horror tropes of disfigurement = evil. Urgh). I really want to see ‘Best Worst Movie’, the documentary about the making of the film, because the production behind it sounds completely bonkers.

okjaOkja (2017) film, Netflix

The reason this film is so sad is that at the end, whilst there is a happy ending for some, there is no final screen with a happy ending for all. I found it odd that there was a focus on GM foods as the reason why the Mirando Corporation does what they do, when really it was just about the hidden industry of the mass production of meat, and that in itself is enough. Ahn Seo-hyun is excellent as Mija, and the relationship she creates between Mija and Okja is what makes the film great.

Game of thronesGame of Thrones (season 7)

I’m at a point with Game of Thrones where I don’t love it anymore, but I still want to know what happens in the end (and if any of my theories are right). The first few episodes have been, though quicker paced than many episodes in previous seasons, surprisingly slow at times given how few episodes are left. There’s usually one or two episodes per season that blow me away, so I’m just kind of waiting for that this season.

rupauls drag raceRuPaul’s Drag Race (seasons 3 & 4) series, Netflix

So many of my friends are obsessed with this that I promised I would watch a couple of seasons to give it a proper chance. Reality TV isn’t my thing, so I mostly had it on in the background while I was pottering about or when I wasn’t feeling well. I can see why people love it, but I mostly find it just ok, probably because of the reality TV tropes but also because I don’t really care about fashion or friendly-bitchy banter. But I did love when Sharon Needles showed up. Having this punky goth weirdo being weird was just a lot more interesting to me. I’ll watch the next season, probably be in the background again, on the off chance there are more weirdos or people doing something a bit different. At least I get all the RuPaul memes that turn up on my fb feed now.

handmaid's taleThe Handmaid’s Tale (series 1) series, Channel 4

This is probably the best book adaptation I’ve ever seen. It goes beyond the book by adding stories from the perspective of other characters (the book is completely from Offred’s perspective), but still stays completely true to the themes and feeling of the original. For this reason, I suspect people who read the book only after watching the series may be a little disappointed, but the book does explain how the regime came to be more clearly, even without anyone else’s perspective. It ends in the same way, but there is going to be second series. I can’t wait.

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