September screentime 2017

Lizzie borden chroniclesThe Lizzie Borden Chronicles (season 1) series, Netflix

I actually watched this in August and totally forgot about it, which isn’t the best sign. It’s not a great series, despite casting Christina Ricci as Lizzie Borden which seems like her perfect role. Most of the episodes lack any kind of tension, or any real fear Lizzie will be caught, and I didn’t really care at all about what was happening. The best parts come from the interaction between Lizzie and her sister, particularly at the very end, but it’s not enough to save it. Skip this and read See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt instead.

freaks and geeks.jpgFreaks and Geeks (season 1) series, Netflix

I am often very slow to watch things, but I’m glad I finally got to this as it’s as good as everyone says. It’s more understated than a lot of American high school shows, and is less about prom and more about the terror of being a teenager.

ozarkOzark (season 1) series, Netflix

The title font makes it look like sci-fi but Ozark is actually a crime drama/thriller. Jason Bateman is surprisingly good in a non-comedic role as an accountant for a drug cartel who has to launder more money than is really possible in a tiny, odd town after his partner was found to have been skimming money. It’s pretty smart, atmospheric, not too cliched, and definitely worth a watch.

circle.jpgCircle (2015) film, Netflix

This is not as smart as it thinks it is. It would be much better as a short episode of Black Mirror, but as a film feels bloated, heavy-handed, and badly written and acted. I liked the very end, but I’d say don’t bother.

rick and morty.pngRick & Morty (season 3) series, Netflix

Though I don’t like the dudebro fandom, I still love this show. I liked that the rest of the family were a bit more fleshed out this season and had more than just background personalities. And Rick was as nihilistic as ever but also a bit more whole too, if that makes sense? (*whispers* I thought pickle Rick was stupid & made no sense in terms of the science on the show, which I think was the point in terms of Beth’s psychiatry session and Rick being ridiculous. But it was still stupid. *runs away* *don’t @ me*).

dallas buyers club.jpgThe Dallas Buyers Club (2014) film, Netflix

Matthew McConaughey is really great in this, and it’s also a pretty good film. It does, however, have a few issues. Instead of casting a trans actor, they got Jared Leto, who puts in a good, if caricatured, performance. I mean, it’s 2017, there are loads of trans actresses who could have done a better job (and who hopefully aren’t as big an arsehole as Leto). It’s also a little bit ‘straight saviour of the gays’ at times. But McConaughy’s talent makes this a really good character study of a homophobic man who finds his life and his views completely transformed by AIDS, as well as touching on the challenges for AIDS patients before good treatments were developed.

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  1. Freaks and Geeks ❤

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