January screentime 2018

unrestUnrest (2017) documentary, Netflix

It’s impossible for me to talk about this film with any kind of objectivity because I had such an emotional reaction to it. And maybe that’s the best thing I can say – it was emotionally true. I spent most of the film sobbing, like proper sobbing, which isn’t something I do very often. It reminded me of when I was more severely ill, though it wasn’t so much the physicality of it than what it was like to cope with emotionally. And what it’s like to cope with now. Though I am much more well, I am still more restricted than the average person, but it’s become such a normal part of my life that I don’t always acknowledge the emotional toll it can take at times. But it’s not really that that made me cry. It was also this feeling of being truly seen. And what’s important about this film is the seeing – both being seen yourself and, hopefully, by people who are not part of this community. It also places everything in the wider context of these kinds of invisible immune illness, that primarily affect women, being disbelieved through history until technology and medicine catches up. It’s fairly well-known (from a scientific research perspective) that women’s physical pain is disbelieved and downplayed in medicine/hospitals compared to men’s pain. But how do you advocate for yourself and others like you when you’re too unwell to leave your house or your bed? What Jennifer Brea has done, from her house, from her bed, shows you one way how.

the danish girlThe Danish Girl (2015) film, Netflix

I watched this on a train on my phone, which is possibly why I didn’t connect to it, but I didn’t connect to it. I just found the emotions seemed to lack the depth or punch that was intended and as a film it just sort of washed over me. Meh.

friendsFriends series, Netflix

I don’t normally include things here that I’ve seen before, but I had to include Friends because I watched so bloody much of it (like, literally all of it). There are many aspects of Friends that have not aged well, but I was ill in bed for a week and it was perfection.

joyJoy (2015) film, Netflix

I didn’t really understand the point of this film. I know it’s trying to be an underdog-entrepreneur kick-ass woman film, but it just felt kind of one-dimensional and flat. It wasn’t doing anything new or interesting, and the performances felt just okay. I have a feeling Jennifer Lawrence was only nominated for an Oscar for the role because she’s Jennifer Lawrence.

darkDark (season 1) series, Netflix

This is brilliant. It’s been compared to Stranger Things, but it’s quite different – there’s less Spielberg-y humour, more plot, and more death. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful and the soundtrack is full of these creepy as fuck strings. I watched some of it with dubbing when I was tired, but it’s definitely one to watch in the original German with subtitles.

personal shopperPersonal Shopper (2016) film, Netflix

Although there is always a place in my heart for post-Twilight Kristen Stewart, I wasn’t sure about this film when it first started. It’s a slow burn, but also so unsettling. It has this way of suddenly throwing something odd or violent in to keep you unsure of what’s really going on. It also never really ties things up and the supernatural element of the film is left ambiguous, which I really liked.

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