About me

I’m currently a second-year PhD student at Exeter Medical School. My project is a realist evaluation of museum programmes for people with dementia, specifically looking at how including carers has an impact on the person with dementia, the carer, and the relationship between them.

I originally trained as a clinical psychologist, but ended up going into research after I developed a chronic illness and had to take a few years out of life. Research was much easier to gradually phase back into than clinical work, but I found I liked it so much I’ve stayed!

My personal research interests are around acquired disability and chronic illness (particularly those acquired in adulthood), the intersection of arts and health, accessibility (in its many forms), and general wellbeing. I’m also interested in non-traditional dissemination that’s accessible to non-academics, particularly those that the research is actually about and for.

Outside of work I like reading literary- & non-fiction, gaming, and having no plans whilst wearing pyjamas. I eat a lot of cake. (This blog used to be just a book blog, but is gradually merging into PhD chat with some book stuff).

If you want to chat about PhD / research / book stuff, you can find me here.