Review policy

I have a general policy of honesty – if I don’t like it I will say so, but, equally, if I love it I’m also likely to annoy everyone I know until they read it too. I always include a picture of the cover, and will include example of illustrations if there are any, and aspects of the production (like end papers) if I’m particularly excited about them. I also post the review on Goodreads, and post links to the review on Twitter and Facebook, and a mini-review will be included in a monthly wrap-up shared on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.

I read literary fiction, short stories, graphic novels, fiction in translation, classics, contemporary fiction, and all sorts in between. I like books with ambiguity and those that have a dark edge. I don’t tend to read much romance, crime or YA, however there are many exceptions to that which I love! So if you want to send me a book in one of those genres, tell me why you think I’d like it and it would be one of those exceptions. I also enjoy a variety of non-fiction books, particularly memoir, essays and science. Have look at my archives to get a good idea of what I like to read.

I don’t have an e-reader so can only accept paper copies. I also don’t usually accept books to review directly from the author, just because it can feel a bit more awkward if I don’t like it.

Please contact me before sending a book to ensure I have space to review it, and because I have a habit of moving often so it’s always best to check you have the most up-to-date address (though I’m sure whoever lives at my old addresses appreciate the unexpected book post).


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